ITxPT solutions for public transport

4PT is an innovative company specialized in ITxPT certified products and solutions for public transportation. We transform complex technologies into meaningful user experiences and present products ready to hit the market.

4PT is dedicated to ITxPT structures for public transportation. The standards enable our company to produce Hardware, which is certified and Software services that are certified. We deliver these as standard elements for system integrators to move into ITxPT certification fast.

Our areas of focus are Vehicle gateway with high precision GNSS, managed switch and real time clock for time services; Passenger information screens with ITxPT software; Dedicated consultancy and support services to assist clients in bringing their solutions to function according to ITxPT standards.



ITxPT is an organization proposing standards in the IT industry used in public transportation.

Vehicle Gateway

Vehicle Gateway with many features and ITxPT label.


Monitors uptimized for mounting in passenger cabin.

Consultantcy & support

Our team assist clients in acchieving fast ITxPT succes.

Enabled Platform

4PT´s mission is to provide enabled platforms which works out-of-the-box in any ITxPT system.

The concept is that system integrators, operators and bus manufacturers all can use the same building blocks, and we can produce them at effective cost and have them available off the shelves, as we understand the nature of the project business in public transportation.

The platforms are not locked into any specific software or service provider, and therefore can complete vehicles be exchanged over night to operate with new features and new software without needing retro fitting. This will, as a result, save operators and system integrators massive sums as daily operation is standardized and the possibility to upgrade and add new features from various suppliers are easy – preventing vendor lock up.

The way we work

4PT offers a range of ITxPT labeled products for public transportation. The product focus areas are green transportation solutions such as electric and hybrid busses, as the products are made to match the green transport policy in time.

The employees and partners of 4PT are all experienced and well skilled people from the electronic industry and from the public transport software and hardware. They work with complicated challenges in a very competent way, and we can, apart from the technology solutions, manage an effective supply chain which brings our customers fast track to market, low costs and effective logistics.

Challenge Us!

Are you looking for a partner who can guide you through the complex steps of your ITxPT demand? We are always excited about new partnerships, so let us know what you have in mind!

Sustainable development

Our products are designed and manufactured with high focus on environment and sustainability, expecting resources used to repair and exchange to be low, and expecting ingredients to be latest sustainable standards.