Passenger information systems

Our family of infotainment monitors consist of units with build-in player and auxiliary monitors. Currently we have sizes from 18,5” to 48,5 “. Apart from the electronic features these products have extra focus on being light weight, easy to install and vandal robust.

Our units with build-in player comes with ITxPT certification and support the ITxPT required eco modes. Among other features we have a substantial status protocol to inform the backend about the health of each individual client.

Monitors ready for your software

Vehicle Monitor 18.5"

Full HD 16:9 format

Vehicle Monitor 18.5" dual

Full HD 16:9 format x 2

Vehicle Monitor 21.5"

Full HD 16:9 format

Vehicle Monitor 37"

Resolution 1920 x 540

Vehicle Monitor 48.5"

Resolution 1920 x 360

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