Innovative thinking for public transport

At 4PT we want to become your strong business partner as your specialists, who are available with strong technical skills and resources that focus on ITxPT certified solutions for public transport. 

When your demand is identified we strive to fulfill the requirements and work ahead in an innovative way, understanding the challenges in working with our products on a day-to-day basis. Therefor our products have for example all tools needed to do over the network update of any software element, being firmware or application software.

We have identified power management and power distribution as areas for innovation. Therefore all our products contain our own developed power supplies with a monitoring software, which can be surveilled by the backend to identify – at an early stage – potential Malfunction.

Contact us with your project, idea and demand to get your innovative solution.

Open Cloud provides you instant live system

In short: we provide optional firmware and middleware, so customers can focus 100% on business software.

When you buy our products they come with an open cloud support, which gives you a desktop with basic functions to manage the product. For a new customer this means, an ability to evaluate our product, without writing any test software. 

The open cloud is a strong tool for us to give support for ongoing test with a client sharing and collecting important data. For example, customers can install our HUB on a vehicle and instantly collect data such as position, speed, departure, and arrival combined with WAN signal strenght. This gives a strong demonstration on which solutions we can provide with our tools.

Products for public transport


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